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Uncover the legend behind

Diamond on a red string

The Minimaliste collection is an expression of a fresh new look to RedLine's creations. Splash your favorite color to your bracelet from top to bottom. We cover more than 80 string colors and 4 gold settings. Start customizing your diamond string bracelet and get excited to tell the world your story behind it.

Timeless classic

Fashion jewelry

Dazzling and discreet, the Minimaliste collection encapsulates feminine spirit. A 0.02ct diamond unleashes its pure and natural beauty contrasting the dark shades and mysterious look of an 18k black gold bezel setting. This diamond string bracelet reflects the hidden intense passion of a woman ready to unveil. Set your jewelry piece perfectly to your wrist with your 18k gold clasp and 3-ring scale allowing you to adjust in 3 different fits. Available in more than 80 string colors and 4 different gold hardware.