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Precious stones on a string

Straing and black gold chain bracelet

The authenticity and refined sophistication that Illusion Double bears made a hit on RedLine best-sellers. Splash your look with a contemporary, unique fashion statement and add your personal touch to your custom half-chain half-string diamond and gold bracelet. Explore 4 different gold colors available and discover countless options from a wide selection of more than 80 string colors.

Exceptional shine

Women exclusive jewelry

This best-seller collection from RedLine encapsulates an incredible beauty. Subtlety from the string, grace from the gold chain enthroned with a set of 7 precious little 0.05ct diamonds in an 18k gold cluster style setting. Original and lavish, the Illusion Double collection stands out at the forefront of fashion. Your half-string half-chain diamond bracelet adopts to your wrist with its 3-size adjustable 18k gold clasp and a 3-ring scale. Your Illusion Double bracelet comes in 4 gold settings and available in 80 string colors.