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Exclusive piece

Original gold necklace

Renew your jewelry collection and take a glace at RedLine's jewelry line. The half-string half-chain necklace is a must-have fashion accessory: comprised of an ultra-resistant string, an 18k white gold chain, and a 0.1ct diamond royally sitting in the middle. Each one of these exquisite elements bestows grandiose quality and values. Craftsmanship and unique designs are the core of RedLine's workshop.

RedLine fantasy

0.1ct diamond

What makes a jewelry piece so precious and mesmerizing to a woman's eyes? Is it the breathtaking sparkles of a 0.1ct diamond, the incredible fine details of an 18k gold, the innovative style and uniqueness of a string, or all of them? What if RedLine anticipated your heart's wishes and created a necklace that satisfies every inch of your desires? The Pure collection delivers the absolute answer to your uncertainties and doubt. The half-string half-chain necklace embodies all of a woman's yearning: diamonds, golds, and modernity. The French jeweler always seeks to please every wonderful woman around the world.