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A legend

0.05 ct diamond bracelet on a red string

The Mini Pure string bracelet is an iconic symbol of RedLine’s skillful expertise. The 18k yellow gold bezel highlights the subtlety of a shimmering 0.05ct diamond. Match your look to any trend between 80 string colors to choose from and elevate your precious glimmering stone among 4 available gold colors. Let your fashion senses speak for yourself.

Mini Pure

Yellow gold bezel

Grant yourself a wish from the heart. The Mini Pure collection is a precious gift one can have. Symbol of joyous energy and freshness, the 0.05ct diamond, an 18k yellow gold bezel, and clasp enhance the fine string bracelet's overall design. The three-ring scale allows you to adjust your bracelet for a perfect fit around your wrist. Our Mini Pure bracelet comes in 4 gold settings and 80 string colors.