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K Color Infiniteジュエリーをカスタマイズする

K Color Infiniteジュエリーをカスタマイズする

K Color Infinite

2つのハートが永遠に結合し、2つのブラックダイヤモンドが組み合わされて、極度の洗練が実現しました。 「カルボナーロ」と呼ばれるブラックダイヤモンドは、最も神秘的なものです。 彼らの落ち着いた輝きは独特の美しさを明らかにし、金と完璧に融合して混合宝石になります。 無限に着るには…

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An infinite love

Two black diamonds for women

The Infinite symbol represented by a duo of black diamonds for infinite love and protection ... Eternal love, revealed between two lovers, or unconditional love between a parent and their child. All loves are celebrated at RedLine, come and discover the beauty that radiates from the connection between a black diamond of 0.10 ct and a black diamond of 0.05 ct. A perfect fusion of these two black diamonds and a thread of the color of your choice, a perfect recipe to celebrate this love that always triumphs. A collection of black diamond jewelry that is suitable for the female wardrobe but also for the male wardrobe. Redline continues to create trendy, trendy jewelry as well as unique pieces. Succumb to this gold collection with these two black diamonds symbolizing infinity. This collection of jewelry is already worn by many celebrities, why not you?

For men and women

Black diamonds jewelry

Place the two love diamonds on a thread forming a trendy and symbolic bracelet at the same time. Do you prefer black diamonds over a red thread, a black string, or a blue cord? With black diamonds, everything is possible. So choose from this large selection of black diamond jewelry.The two black diamonds are as sublime in white gold earrings as on a half-thread half-chain bracelet in yellow gold ... A multitude of possibilities offer your imagination to create the ideal gift, the black diamond jewel of your dreams! The Infinite collection is a line of mixed jewelry that highlights two small black diamonds united for life. A mysterious, fine and elegant piece of jewelry for men and women. Discover the entire infinite black diamond collection in our online store. Redline fine jewelry is suitable for all styles.